Saturday, November 10, 2007

California, Part II

Well, I went back to the shore and saw that my mother had discovered the missing teeth. She was scraping at her neck for a long time, reaching for a necklace that wasn’t there and creating a new blood necklace. Yet upon showing her the jewels, she finally agreed to leave this godforsaken house and move to California. She wanted only two things, and while I thought that they would be something material, it turned out to be me and Ruby. She has finally expressed her love for us, and I am finally capable of believing that she does love us. It seemed as if she was going to die, possibly by her own hand, and in a way she did die, but she has been reborn and can now finally become our mother. We are a family again.

Found It!

I just dug a hole in the ground by the house and found thirteen precious gems! Twelve rubies and a massive emerald for thirteen halibut teeth is a pretty good deal. Yet there may be some danger left yet: the cardinal’s wife has died. I threw the birds into the woods so that my mother will never find them. Still, it may be an omen of something inescapable. I just hope not.

Quickly Now!

I realized that the most important thing to my mother is the necklace of halibut teeth that my father had coughed up! It is her only reminder of her husband, and she can never be found without it. I just had to steal it from her while she was sleeping. I’m running to go bury it, as the old woman suggested.

Weird Old Lady

There was this weird old lady who I came upon on the street who gave me some advice. She told me to bury what my mother found most precious in the ground by the Blackbird House and that I would find something much more valuable while I was digging. I thought that Ruby was the most important thing to her, but then I came to the realization, with the woman’s help, that she obviously wasn’t, considering I was the one carrying her around all day. But then, what is most important to her?

Death of a Bird

There is a dead cardinal in our yard. My mother has propped it up on a stick, watching as it dies. The bird’s mate, or “wife,” has been standing and watching her love slowly decompose. I guess this is kind of emblematic of my own mother’s misfortune: losing her husband and simply having to endure life’s trials anyway. It also seems that she has tied her future to that of the bird. Only time will tell.


I’ve always dreamed of getting out of Truro, now more than ever. It is said that the grass was like gold and there is no winter. It would be a wonderful place to move. If only we had the money. If only I could get my mom to agree…

Funeral Pyre

Mom just burned all our stuff! Why would she do such a thing? Does she hate me and Ruby? Does she think that this will bring our father back? All this is doing is torturing us all and tearing the family apart more than it already was!


Now my mother is going insane. She is showing that love can hurt, and is tearing her clothes and skin because of her love and her sense of loss. Hopefully she will get over it quickly, and our family can get back to normal.

Death of a Blacksmith

My dad is dead. I’m still in shock… how could this happen?!?! His skin was always warm with life and love! I loved him, and I can’t imagine living life without him. I should expect that my mother may have some trouble dealing with this…


Hi, I’m Garnet Wynn! I am going to post my thoughts here. See you later!